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Matthew 26 Part 4–The “Arrest”

Make no mistake, Jesus truly gave His life willingly. Over the course of the next 24 hours, Jesus easily could have ended the arrest, prosecution and execution. He could simply have called down a few thousand angels to wipe the men out. He could have spoken and all before him would have been driven to their knees. Jesus was God, but in those moments, He voluntarily gave up His power and authority–to provide for us salvation and a restored relationship with God.  It could not have been easy, His disdain for the religious elite was apparent and giving them the victory (or so it seemed), had to be difficult to do.  But Jesus did willingly accept the events that were happening; simply because He loved us.

When we wonder if God is real, when we wonder if He truly makes a difference; we must go back to the very sacrifice He made for us.  He willingly stepped forward and was arrested that day.  If we doubt His power, let’s remember John’s account, (Jesus, knowing all that was going to happen to Him, went out and asked them, “Who is it you want?”“Jesus of Nazareth,” they replied. “I am He,” Jesus said. (And Judas the traitor was standing there with them.) 6 When Jesus said, “I am he,” they drew back and fell to the ground.) They did none of the things to Jesus without His willingness. He showed the leaders and the guards His majesty, even in his arrest and persecution.  

When we follow the Lord, we follow a great and mighty Savior. His sacrifice was not a surprise, nor was it beyond His control–Jesus simply wanted us to know how much He truly loves us and is willing to do to have a personal relationship with us.  Thanks Lord, for your gift and your sacrifice.

God Bless You

While he was still speaking, Judas, one of the Twelve, arrived. With him was a large crowd armed with swords and clubs, sent from the chief priests and the elders of the people. 48 Now the betrayer had arranged a signal with them: “The one I kiss is the man; arrest him.” 49 Going at once to Jesus, Judas said, “Greetings, Rabbi!” and kissed him.

50 Jesus replied, “Do what you came for, friend.”[d]

Then the men stepped forward, seized Jesus and arrested him. 51 With that, one of Jesus’ companions reached for his sword, drew it out and struck the servant of the high priest, cutting off his ear.

52 “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword. 53 Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels? 54 But how then would the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must happen in this way?”

55 In that hour Jesus said to the crowd, “Am I leading a rebellion, that you have come out with swords and clubs to capture me? Every day I sat in the temple courts teaching, and you did not arrest me. 56 But this has all taken place that the writings of the prophets might be fulfilled.”Then all the disciples deserted him and fled.


This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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