Hello, I am Michael Smith.

I have been in relationship with the Lord for 54 years. During those many years, there were days I could not find time to read the word. At other points, I would try to complete a plan and read the Bible through in a year, so I could check off a box. In college, My mentor taught me how to memorize scripture in quantity and it gave me a new love for the Bible.

What People Say

I appreciate your thoughts and insights into scripture.  Although, due to when I sit down at my computer and the day moving fast, I struggle to read your devotion every day but it does my heart good when I take the time to read the scripture and how you have applied it to your life.

You are a blessing and I value your insight!  You are a stinkin ole godly fool!


And Jesus said i am the light of the world.  Christ followers need to realize we are to live in that light and turn away (repent) from dark places. Saved by grace we live with joy in the light. Bless you for a tremendous message today.

Love u my friend. 


Great lesson.  Don’t beat yourself up over your youth.  Think of it this way.  Like the Israelites, you needed to learn some things before you could more effectively follow God.  Youth teaches us those things.  You are right where you are supposed to be!!

God bless

Let’s build something together.