Isaiah 66–Isaiah’s Concluding Prophecy

So, in closing , God makes His position clear; I created all this!  The heavens are my throne and the earth my footstool! Please know that it is not your sacrifices that impress me, it is your hearts.  Make no mistake; I know the difference.  I watched my beloved speak of me with Love–and theyContinue reading “Isaiah 66–Isaiah’s Concluding Prophecy”

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin–Daniel 5 Final

By the World’s standard—Belshazzar, Nebuchadnezzar’s son was doing fine. He had a great empire, and while all was not peaceful, his city Babylon was unimpregnable…or so it seemed. Walls so thick that the empire’s chariot races took place on the top of the walls. The best trained army in the known world. Underground water sourcesContinue reading “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin–Daniel 5 Final”

The Passover–Exodus 12

The actual sign that rested above the doors of the children of Israel formed a cross. Even at the time of the Exodus, the Father was previewing the redemption of all his chosen. Without the sign of the cross, every home in Egypt suffered death. Imagine the devastation and pain throughout the land, when eachContinue reading “The Passover–Exodus 12”

God Is Not Mocked–Exodus 7 Part 1

It would be so much simpler to obey and trust God. It would not necessarily be easier, but it would definitely be simpler. God is not mocked—whatever a person sows, that they will also reap. As the Israelites suffered at the hands of the Egyptians, God was keeping an accounting. There would be no doubt,Continue reading “God Is Not Mocked–Exodus 7 Part 1”

When Men “Out Eviled” God’s Goodness–Genesis 6 Part 1

Who would have thought it possible, men became so evil that God had to say–ENOUGH! It wasn’t just the little things, it became so pronounced,that just when God thought he had seen evil at its lowest, men found ways to take it down another level. Scripture sums it up with 4 words, “It Broke God’sContinue reading “When Men “Out Eviled” God’s Goodness–Genesis 6 Part 1″