Order in the Midst of Chaos–Genesis 30 Part 1

The family building competition was clearly getting out of hand.  Jacob now had 4 wives and more kids than he could count.  Sisters were trading servants and mandrakes for an opportunity to build a bigger set of kids–Why…well, their identity was wrapped into their family and home.  Jacob loved Rachel, but, this madness was probablyContinue reading “Order in the Midst of Chaos–Genesis 30 Part 1”

Epaphras–Colssians 1 part 1

There are so many bible heroes that are well known–Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David and a host of others–but Paul opens the book of Colossians recognizing another Epaphras.  Not only was Epaphras pivotal in the building of the church in  Colossae, but he also ministered to Paul while he was in the prison in Rome–he almostContinue reading “Epaphras–Colssians 1 part 1”

Ruth 4 final–you can’t make this stuff up.

Disney could not of created a better story.  Ruth married Boaz.  Their great grandson was David—A man after God’s own heart.  The King that would unite Israel and finally bring peace to God’s people.  David the patriarch of Jesus.  All from a Moabite woman that refused to leave her dear mother-in-law in a desperate situation. Continue reading “Ruth 4 final–you can’t make this stuff up.”

Matthew 19 Final–With God all things are Possible

With God all things are possible.  It seems often that life is impossible.  Trials and temptations leave us stressed and feeling hopeless.  The great thing about God is that in the midst of the trials he is still in charge and executing his plan for our lives.  He is intimately concerned for us.  He isContinue reading “Matthew 19 Final–With God all things are Possible”

Matthew 19 part 1–The Pain of Divorce

The more things change, the more they remain the same.  The Pharisees were trying to trap Jesus with one of those real controversial issues of then and now—Divorce. Since Adam and Eve–marriage has remained under attack.  The enemy used sin to divide husband and wife at the beginning and continues to do so today.  TheContinue reading “Matthew 19 part 1–The Pain of Divorce”

Matthew 3 part 1 John the Baptist

In a coffee shop down from my office, one of the baristas is quite an accomplished guitarist and performer. He has become so good and so well known that he spends most of his weekends traveling around the country to be the warm up act for various Top rock and hip hop bands. The warmContinue reading “Matthew 3 part 1 John the Baptist”

Grieving–Esther 4 part 1

When was the last time you grieved for the family of God.  Mordecai saw the edict and literally grieved for the future of his people. He was not merely sad, he was inconsolable.  The level of distress was not his concern for himself, but for the folks he loved.  We should be as concerned forContinue reading “Grieving–Esther 4 part 1”

Everybody Loves Her–Esther 2

Esther learned the ways of a queen. She sought no special treatment and listened to the counsel of those who knew what to do and how to behave. She was no diva.  So when it was time for her to be presented to the King, she had won the hearts of all with whom sheContinue reading “Everybody Loves Her–Esther 2”

Esther 1 a picture of God’s Soveriegnty

The book of Esther one of the best illustrations in God’s word of the providence of God coupled with submission and humility of his chosen can allow God to provide and protect his own and Glorify himself before men.  The Story begins with the opposite lesson.  Vashti was unwilling to submit to the King andContinue reading “Esther 1 a picture of God’s Soveriegnty”

God is Peace and Grants Us Peace

In the midst of war and chaos—War among political parties, among shoppers in malls, among union workers and those who have now gained the right to work apart from unions.  Nations and terrorists, rulers and their own people.  Parents and Children, employers and their staff.  Churches and governments. Courts and the electorate.    There is absoluteContinue reading “God is Peace and Grants Us Peace”