Matthew 19 part 1–The Pain of Divorce

The more things change, the more they remain the same.  The Pharisees were trying to trap Jesus with one of those real controversial issues of then and now—Divorce. Since Adam and Eve–marriage has remained under attack.  The enemy used sin to divide husband and wife at the beginning and continues to do so today.  TheContinue reading “Matthew 19 part 1–The Pain of Divorce”

Life Ain’t Fair Esther 3 part 3

There are times when we see life unfold and are positive that “life ain’t fair.”  Haman got his feelings hurt and he in turn sentenced the captives from Israel to death.  When we see things like that occur, it causes us to question God and his love for us.  Truth is, we see only aContinue reading “Life Ain’t Fair Esther 3 part 3”

Haman the prideful man Esther 3 part 1

Pride is a deceptive master.  Xerxes honored Haman.  Haman had the opportunity to show Humility and Grace in his place of Honor.  Such an act would have sealed the love of his King and his country…Ask Esther.  Instead, he felt entitled to be worshipped and when he found that a Jew failed to worship him,Continue reading “Haman the prideful man Esther 3 part 1”

Remaining Separate–Genesis 24 part 1

Abraham was committed to the idea that he keep his family separate from the culture. He sent his servant to his native land to find Isaac a wife.  What an inconvenience.  But, Abraham knew that God had called him to this Land, but he did not call him to join in with everyone else.  HeContinue reading “Remaining Separate–Genesis 24 part 1”

Slight Change in Plans Genesis 16 part 2

When we attempt to assist God in the execution of his plan, we often make a mess out of what was clear, concise and beautiful.  Abram fathered Ishmael, the beginning of the lineage of the Arab nation.  Even at conception, God told Hagaar that her son and his lineage would always be in contention withContinue reading “Slight Change in Plans Genesis 16 part 2”

The Gospel–What a Love Story: I Corinthians 15 part 1

The Gospel—the Good News is what we live for.  Paul sums it up beautifully—Christ died, was raised on the third day!  He was seen raised from the dead by well over 500 folks. The fact he died and rose from the dead would be hard to argue.  But why he did it is the heartContinue reading “The Gospel–What a Love Story: I Corinthians 15 part 1”

Paul, the Mentor

Paul was an amazing author and mentor.  He contributed so much to the early church.  Our understanding of fellowship with our Lord are due largely to his discipleship of the early church.  Paul wanted his disciples to understand that they were provided with everything necessary to humbly walk in fellowship with God and to beContinue reading “Paul, the Mentor”