Confession is Great for the Soul–1 John 1 final

I heard in a sermon a few weeks ago that no one simply drifts into a great life.  We were designed by God to be intentional and God Like.  That is why sin has had such a terrible impact upon us and upon the world as a whole.  The natural man defaults away from GodContinue reading “Confession is Great for the Soul–1 John 1 final”

Matthew 11 part 1–John the Baptist

When the pressure increases and life gets difficult, our faith is really tested.  John the Baptist was the man that announced Jesus entrance into ministry.  He baptized Jesus and stepped aside as Jesus Ministry flourished.  Now as John was being persecuted for his faith, even he began to question the very center of his faith—IsContinue reading “Matthew 11 part 1–John the Baptist”

Matthew 9 final–according to your faith

Jesus continued to minister–healing the sick, freeing the demon possessed, raising the dead.  As he continued, news traveled fast and crowds flocked to him.  Jesus reaction to the crowds was remarkable.  A Jewish Leader comes to him in the midst of the crowd and he stops what he is doing to meet his need.  AContinue reading “Matthew 9 final–according to your faith”

Matthew 8 Part 1–Faith

Faith is a great thing.  Jesus finished speaking God’s heart to his followers. As he was walking down the mountain, there was immediate evidence that the message was clearly received. Two men humbly came before the Lord and took him at his word.  They both had needs—one for himself, the other for his trusted friendContinue reading “Matthew 8 Part 1–Faith”