Living Appropriately–Exodus 22 Continued

Some issues are not as neat as others.  The Israelites were now a free people and needed to act responsibly socially as well as consider their dealings with life and property.  The way they dealt with sex, idolatry and sorcery could have long term implications as they entered Canaan where those things were both presentContinue reading “Living Appropriately–Exodus 22 Continued”

No Free Land–Genesis 23

Their are no free gifts from strangers. Abraham knew God was giving him and his lineage the land of Canaan. But before that was to be a reality, Sarah died. He needed a place to bury her. The MEN in Canaan were glad to give him land–but then Abraham would be in league with theContinue reading “No Free Land–Genesis 23”

Wow You Are Not Kidding!–Genesis 15 Final

There Abram stood looking at the Stars and listening to God promise him the Land of Canaan and many descendants…and he asked the most transparent question imaginable–So how do I know what you promise will really happen…?  God says, “Son go get a Heifer, a goat and a lamb!”  Covenants, in those days, were notContinue reading “Wow You Are Not Kidding!–Genesis 15 Final”

Praying to a Loving Father–1 John 5 Final

Pray according to his will…it is what every Father wants.  He wants to give us the desires of our heart.  He wants us, however, to know him.  He wants us to know what not to ask him about.  In his eyes, there are no small requests.  But, he does not want us to ask forContinue reading “Praying to a Loving Father–1 John 5 Final”

Confession is Great for the Soul–1 John 1 final

I heard in a sermon a few weeks ago that no one simply drifts into a great life.  We were designed by God to be intentional and God Like.  That is why sin has had such a terrible impact upon us and upon the world as a whole.  The natural man defaults away from GodContinue reading “Confession is Great for the Soul–1 John 1 final”

An Eye Witness’s Joy–1 John 1 Part 1

We sometimes forget that the New Testament was written by the guys that hung out with Jesus.  Their accounts were given and their encouragement shared because they were there and saw God on earth.  It had to be amazing to walk with Jesus every day.  To see the miracles, to hear the messages and toContinue reading “An Eye Witness’s Joy–1 John 1 Part 1”

The New Covenant–Hebrews 10

There is so much rhetoric about the old and new covenants in the Bible and theological circles. To greatly simplify–God set a placeholder for his people–It was a series of visible ways to describe the process to come.  He gave them laws, he set up a system of sacrifices, he gave them priests and prophetsContinue reading “The New Covenant–Hebrews 10”

Best laid Plans-2 Samuel 18 part 1

Absalom was clearly in control, his father was on the run, the people of Israel beginning to accept the change of Kings—but, then God had a different plan.  Absalom became trapped by his own vanity and exposed to death because of his own carelessness.  As he hung by his hair from a tree, I amContinue reading “Best laid Plans-2 Samuel 18 part 1”

I Samuel 15 part 2–I surrender Some

There is an old hymn that I sang as a child—I Surrender All, by J.W Deventer that always haunted me.  The Hymn is very straight forward and simply speaks of a walk with God that pictures complete surrender and the freedom that brings.  Sadly, as I compare that to my life, I find that ratherContinue reading “I Samuel 15 part 2–I surrender Some”

Don’t Worry–Mattew 6 final

The essence of faith is walking and acting as if we believe God is God and we are not.  God’s plan so often seems like it won’t work. It does not make sense to give when you are poor, to praise God in the midst of tough times, to love and pray for your enemiesContinue reading “Don’t Worry–Mattew 6 final”