Psalm 15–God’s Kind of Folks

  So many times, we focus on what we should not do as God’s chosen people. We should not adopt the culture’s mentality. We should not chase the things of this world…In Psalm 15, David takes a moment to look at what the people God thinks are important, do each day. God is transforming usContinue reading “Psalm 15–God’s Kind of Folks”

Charity Starts at Home–I Timothy 5 Part 2

As a Church, we are called to a higher standard.  It is our ministry to assist those in need.  But, it is also our birthright to care for our own.  Often times in an entitlement society, we forget that first and foremost, we dive in and care for our own.  As a home, we careContinue reading “Charity Starts at Home–I Timothy 5 Part 2”

God’s Leadership Criteria–1 Timothy 3 Part 1

It is difficult to live a life of faith.  As one draws closer to God–the enemy attempts to derail and nullify them in their faith.  So, when Paul coached Timothy on picking his leadership team, he laid out some petty difficult restrictions.  Paul was no snob.  He did not set out requirements simply to excludeContinue reading “God’s Leadership Criteria–1 Timothy 3 Part 1”

Setting Leadership Priorities–1 Timothy 2 Part 1

As Paul instructed Timothy in how to lead a church, it is highly important to understand that as Paul set priorities, the first item on the list was prayer.  We can never grasp the rare gift and honor we have of being able to approach the throne of God and simply speak our hearts, minds,Continue reading “Setting Leadership Priorities–1 Timothy 2 Part 1”

Stay Put and Teach the Truth–1 Timothy 1 Part 1

Each of us, as God’s chosen, are given a mission and journey to follow the Lord with humility and a grateful heart. Paul was coming to the end of his days, and his most dear disciple,Timothy, was now leading the church at Ephesus.  Paul had built that church and stayed their for nearly 2 years.  Then,Continue reading “Stay Put and Teach the Truth–1 Timothy 1 Part 1”

Israel’s Final Blessing–Genesis 49

The blessing of Jacob to his sons is an amazing prophecy of what was to become of the nation of Israel.  As one takes the time to read the text and then look at the nation’s development, the words of Israel are spot on.  His words also speak to the idea that the choices andContinue reading “Israel’s Final Blessing–Genesis 49”

Isreal Reunites With God and Joseph–Genesis 46 Part 1

It was finally happening.  Israel and all his family were going to Egypt.  Israel would see Joseph for the 1st time in 20 years.  As the pain was fading, Israel’s recognition and dependence upon God returned and at Beersheba–he did something he had not done in a long time–he offered sacrifices to God.  It wasContinue reading “Isreal Reunites With God and Joseph–Genesis 46 Part 1”

The Coat of Many Colors–Genesis 37 Part 2

Probably, the actual name should have been the “Target” of many colors.  Joseph was Rachel’s oldest–she died when Benjamin was born.  Israel loved Joseph.  He was obedient, loved God, loved his family and generally pleased his dad.  Not so much with the rest of the clan.  They were older and had their own families.  TheyContinue reading “The Coat of Many Colors–Genesis 37 Part 2”

Our Circumstances-in the Hands of God–Genesis 29–Final

Clearly, as cheated as Jacob must have felt when he was given Leah for a wife, instead of Rachel; Leah was probably feeling so much more cheated.  She had not signed on for this duty, but as the days wore on, Jacob clearly forsook any feelings for her and instead loved only Rachel.  Still, inContinue reading “Our Circumstances-in the Hands of God–Genesis 29–Final”

Jacob’s Covenant–Genesis 28 Part 3

We talk a great deal about God’s love and covenant with us–rightly so, his covenant with us is what saves us and restores the broken relationship between us and God.  But, after God showed Jacob his activities with men and made his promise to follow and make him the patriarch of his nation of priests,Continue reading “Jacob’s Covenant–Genesis 28 Part 3”