Joshua 8 Part 2–The Victory Party

The people of Israel obeyed.  They wiped out Ai. They were able to take the plunder from the victory without fear, and the campaign to claim their inheritance had begun in earnest. The post battle victory party looked a bit different than one would think.  The Israelite people gathered in front of two mountains, theyContinue reading “Joshua 8 Part 2–The Victory Party”

Numbers 23-24–It’s Not About Location

As God’s chosen, today, we too live under His provision, preparation and protection. It often feels as though the world has the upper hand; but, truth be known, nothing happens without God’s permission.

The Inevitable Nature of God’s Handiwork–Genesis 43 Part 1

They would not mind telling you–The brothers were not looking forward to going back to Egypt.  Sure, they had to go and retrieve Simeon–but, that Governor guy was mean and Israel was pretty clear about his letting Benjamin make the trip.  Still, hunger was setting in.  Wives and kids were affected–so despite the desire toContinue reading “The Inevitable Nature of God’s Handiwork–Genesis 43 Part 1”

Matthew 11 part 1–John the Baptist

When the pressure increases and life gets difficult, our faith is really tested.  John the Baptist was the man that announced Jesus entrance into ministry.  He baptized Jesus and stepped aside as Jesus Ministry flourished.  Now as John was being persecuted for his faith, even he began to question the very center of his faith—IsContinue reading “Matthew 11 part 1–John the Baptist”