Luke 9 Part 1–Now It Is Your Turn

It is difficult to grasp the enormity of what Jesus accomplished when He sent out the apostles to minister.  Remember, Jesus came to do several things.  He came to give folks a clearer picture of God– His heart, and His desire to have a personal relationship with people.  He also came to demonstrate the differenceContinue reading “Luke 9 Part 1–Now It Is Your Turn”

Isaiah 62–A Prophet’s Prayer

It is difficult to be gifted with the gift of prophecy.  Prophecy has two parts: foretelling the future and forthtelling the truth.  In part, many admire and are amazed at the accuracy of Isaiah’s prophecies about Jesus and about Israel.  Remember, at the time of these prophecies, Jerusalem, was prosperous and proud.  They were veryContinue reading “Isaiah 62–A Prophet’s Prayer”

The Importance of the Law–I Timothy 1 Part 2

Laws and Contracts–they are powerful tools.  Funny thing is, however, neither were ever designed or intended for those who would choose to comply with or follow them. The Law was designed to expose and to stop those whose intentions were never to keep the law or the contract.  Those that do intend to push, stretchContinue reading “The Importance of the Law–I Timothy 1 Part 2”

The Inevitable Nature of God’s Handiwork–Genesis 43 Part 1

They would not mind telling you–The brothers were not looking forward to going back to Egypt.  Sure, they had to go and retrieve Simeon–but, that Governor guy was mean and Israel was pretty clear about his letting Benjamin make the trip.  Still, hunger was setting in.  Wives and kids were affected–so despite the desire toContinue reading “The Inevitable Nature of God’s Handiwork–Genesis 43 Part 1”

The Face of Wisdom–Proverbs 8 continued

What does Wisdom look like? It is the person never too busy to help. It is the world leader that makes the tough decisions on behalf of others not simply for political expediency.  Wisdom is the wealthy person who is defined by character and not by net worth.  Wisdom is the humble laborer that raisesContinue reading “The Face of Wisdom–Proverbs 8 continued”

Something Lost in Translation–Mark 14

Jesus knew his time was coming to an end. As he was moving closer to Golgotha he was anointed with fine perfume. The reaction was mixed—His enemies were incensed—What a waste of money.  His Disciples were confused—Wow that was odd.  But Jesus and the rest of us know he was being anointed for the daysContinue reading “Something Lost in Translation–Mark 14”