God’s Patience, A Fruit to be Savored–Various Verses

We discussed the difficulty of being patient in the Lord while living in a world of Instant everything.  As I was studying His word, the Lord reminded me that often when we are frustrated at God’s timing, it is simply because we are not ready to receive what God Has for us. We want GodContinue reading “God’s Patience, A Fruit to be Savored–Various Verses”

Fruit of the Spirit–Patience –Various Verses

If peace is the most delicious fruit of the Spirit, patience is by far the most bitter fruit we consume.  Having patience, as one of God’s chosen, is probably the most difficult quality we can achieve. Still, as one of God’s own, we are grateful that God is patient with us and that as weContinue reading “Fruit of the Spirit–Patience –Various Verses”

Peace, The Most Delicious Fruit of All–Various Verses

There is simply no greater gift from the Lord, than the gift of peace.  From the beginning of time, Peace is what set the people of God apart from the rest of the world.  As Abraham walked through Canaan, he always experienced peace.  As the wisest king in Israel, Solomon enjoyed an entire reign ofContinue reading “Peace, The Most Delicious Fruit of All–Various Verses”

Joy-The Fruit of Unity and Selflessness–Various Verses

When we finally come to a place where we are actively following the Lord, we begin to understand the meaningless waste of time that comes from needing to be right, to see ourselves as the center of the universe, and to have our own way.  Suddenly, we begin to understand that selflessness and unity areContinue reading “Joy-The Fruit of Unity and Selflessness–Various Verses”

Rejoicing in the Lord–Romans 5 and Philippians 4

Romans 5 tells us that our joy comes primarily from selling out to Christ, allowing Him to cleanse us of our sin, remaining committed to Him in Good and bad times and trusting Him to provide His Joy all the days of our lives.  We can never underestimate the value of surrendering who we areContinue reading “Rejoicing in the Lord–Romans 5 and Philippians 4”

Fruit of the Spirit Joy–Accessorized by Completeness

When the Bible speaks of Joy it is often accompanied by the term complete. That is no coincidence.  As the word has made clear, Joy comes from the Spirit and is not tied to circumstance.  In fact, As Jesus’ brother James expressed, we should count it PURE joy when we encounter trials of various kinds. Continue reading “Fruit of the Spirit Joy–Accessorized by Completeness”

Fruit of the Spirit, Joy–the Joy of Abiding in Christ

I have seen it in God’s word so many times, abide with God and you will have complete Joy.  Still, after following God for over 50 years, I can spend days trying to do enough to obtain God’s favor and think my actions would merit a new level of Joy.  Sadly, that simply is notContinue reading “Fruit of the Spirit, Joy–the Joy of Abiding in Christ”

The Fruit of The Spirit–An Introduction

Welcome back to the walk through the Fruit of the Spirit.  In no uncertain terms, Love as a fruit of the Spirit is a God honoring and defining fruit.  When one shows unconditional love, it is the closest that person comes to emulating God.  The second listed fruit is Joy.  Joy is the soul-filling and enrichingContinue reading “The Fruit of The Spirit–An Introduction”

Mark 12–The Fruit of the Spirit Love, God’s Greatest Command

Throughout Jesus’ ministry, He modeled and taught us how to live the life that God intended for us.  His primary goal was to show men the real nature of God and how God’s design and plan for men would bring life.  As Jesus’ ministry grew, the religious leadership tried time and again to prove theContinue reading “Mark 12–The Fruit of the Spirit Love, God’s Greatest Command”