A Simple but Difficult Message

God’s message is simple—surrender your burdens, sinful desires, the things that entrap you and follow me.  If you do, you will be blessed, free and have eternal life.  While the message is simple, it is also extremely difficult.  We do not surrender with ease.  We have been raised to be independent and as we haveContinue reading “A Simple but Difficult Message”

A House Divided-1 Corinthians 1 part 2

A house divided cannot stand. A Family at odds with itself is neutralized from having influence. When will we as a family of believers remember that our war is with a world culture that wants to see the church obliterated. The world believes the world would be so much happier, if the followers of ChristContinue reading “A House Divided-1 Corinthians 1 part 2”

Paul, the Mentor

Paul was an amazing author and mentor.  He contributed so much to the early church.  Our understanding of fellowship with our Lord are due largely to his discipleship of the early church.  Paul wanted his disciples to understand that they were provided with everything necessary to humbly walk in fellowship with God and to beContinue reading “Paul, the Mentor”

Remember God While You are Young

Solomon concludes Ecclesiastes with one main thought.  Remember God while you are young because your respect for Him is all that will remain. All the things we do or accomplish, all the efforts we generate to manufacture a certain outcome—all the planning, effort and accumulation will fade as does youth.  In the end, it willContinue reading “Remember God While You are Young”

The Ultimate Illusion–Ecclesiastes 11 part 1

Control is the evil-magician’s greatest illusion.  Since Adam and Eve, the enemy has spun the idea that we could somehow control our own destiny by reason, effort or creativity.  Throughout the bible and throughout history, man has planted his pennant into the top of a hill and said look at me.  Without fail, life hasContinue reading “The Ultimate Illusion–Ecclesiastes 11 part 1”

Living in a Way You Won’t Regret

Because we can never know the future, we have to live in a way that we won’t look back and regret.  I have seen pride destroy so many who thought they had it made and were untouchable—then a circumstance appears that will unravel the very chords of their lives.  Then the harsh words and smugContinue reading “Living in a Way You Won’t Regret”

Walk Forward and Be Gracious (Ecclesiastes 10 part 2)

Much about life, simply is not fair. But, as we continue to walk the journey set before us (Hebrews 12:3) we sharpen our skills, rely upon God’s presence and act in a way that honors God.  As we do that, God blesses us with great friends, daily provision and the occasional miracle to remind usContinue reading “Walk Forward and Be Gracious (Ecclesiastes 10 part 2)”

Ecclesiastes 10 part 1–Dumb and Dumber

  Dumb and Dumber—We see the movies of that genre with the stars like Will Farrell, Owen Taylor, Steve Corrall etc. and laugh, shake our heads and wonder how that crud gets on the screen.  Clearly not designed to stimulate or minds, but, just to hit the base levels of physical humor.  In life, weContinue reading “Ecclesiastes 10 part 1–Dumb and Dumber”