Each person’s legacy–Genesis 21 part 2

Ishmael did nothing to plan his destiny.  He was a child.  He was never intended to be the lineage to save the world.  But God had a plan for him as well.  His plan, however, was as important to God as Isaac’s.  Hagaar wanted to be the mom of the chosen child.  That simply wasContinue reading “Each person’s legacy–Genesis 21 part 2”

Laughter is the best medicine-Genesis 21 part 1

The things that God can accomplish are amazing.  So much so, that we sometimes take it for granted.  When we hear God parted the Red Sea or provided Manna for 2 million people daily for 40 years, we think that is nice—But wow, when God does amazing things we need to take notice of howContinue reading “Laughter is the best medicine-Genesis 21 part 1”

Snuggling with the Father-Psalm 131

I took a break today from the Genesis story—As I sought the Lord in the Psalms, this message screamed out–yet again.  God wants his kids to be content.  Not haughty, not proud—simply in step with him.  We must surrender to the idea that HE will provide and HE will protect.  The idea of a child snuggledContinue reading “Snuggling with the Father-Psalm 131”

She’s still my Sister–Genesis 20

Abraham still was afraid his wife’s beauty would be his end.  She is my sister—He told the King.  The King took her as a wife AT AGE 90+.  Once again, God as a protector of his own, saved Abraham and Sarah.  The King initially was mad.  But, then if you think of it—He did takeContinue reading “She’s still my Sister–Genesis 20”

Self absorped–Self Destroyed Genesis 19 part 1

The saddest part of complete evil and self-absorption is the inability to recognize it.  When the angels came to Sodom and Gomorrah, the people should have been in fear.  Instead, they were arrogant and abusive demanding to rape and destroy the men of God.  Such arrogance was a reaffirmation of what God told Abraham.  TheContinue reading “Self absorped–Self Destroyed Genesis 19 part 1”

How Low Will he Go? Genesis 18 part 3

So misunderstood—when people read the Old Testament, they often develop an image of God that is harsh, unrelenting and mean.  The truth is that God desires that no one would perish and all would walk with him in freedom.  The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is the epitome of the struggle.  These cities took evilContinue reading “How Low Will he Go? Genesis 18 part 3”

Sarah laughed Genesis 18 part 2

How big is God? Really? Well he spoke the universe into existence.  He brought life where none existed.  He executed his plan and saved a lost world—in the execution, he did some pretty amazing stuff.  Sarah was 90 + years old.  God made sure there was no question that he was executing his plan.  OnlyContinue reading “Sarah laughed Genesis 18 part 2”

How May I Serve you, Lord–Genesis 18 part 1

Wouldn’t it be great if we could instantly tell when the Lord was in our presence.  What an honor to be sitting at home and God shows up.  When Abraham saw God was there, he immediately and reverently honored God.  There was no asking God for stuff, instead the question was “God, would you allowContinue reading “How May I Serve you, Lord–Genesis 18 part 1”