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Esther 1 Part 2–What to Do with a Rebellious Queen

Xerxes was in a cunundrum, He loved his beautiful wife, but, her behavior was so over the line that he had to look at the situation as a King, not as a Husband. Vashti’s behavior would have an impact on all wives in the kingdom.  If she was left unpunished, women all over the kingdom would become rebellious to their husbands and chaos would ensue.  So after meeting with his leadership,it was determned that the kingdom would need a new queen and queen Vashti would be exiled.  No more glamour, no more pampering, no more grand parties and never allowed in the presence of the king again.  It was not the way she expected to spend her days, but, actions do have consequence.
When we live our lives, we are faced daily with opportunities to trust the Lord and follow Him closely. We are also tempted to “Help God Out” or carry on independent of the Lord’s leadership. If we do that, there is always chaos and ultimately we have to bear the consequences that come with that behavior. If we will, follow the Lord and trust Him, we will not have to bear the consequence of sin.  If however, we refuse, the consequences can be dramatic and permanent.  That is why  we must seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness then all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33. 
When we seek Him, He will guide us and He will bless us and He will prepare, provide and protect His own. That is why we must humble ourselves and walk in his path.  If we will, our lives will be full, complete and rich with His spirit.  Help me, Lord to trust in you and follow you closely.
God Bless You

Since it was customary for the king to consult experts in matters of law and justice, he spoke with the wise men who understood the times 14 and were closest to the king—Karshena, Shethar, Admatha, Tarshish, Meres, Marsena and Memukan, the seven nobles of Persia and Media who had special access to the king and were highest in the kingdom.

15 “According to law, what must be done to Queen Vashti?” he asked. “She has not obeyed the command of King Xerxes that the eunuchs have taken to her.”

16 Then Memukan replied in the presence of the king and the nobles, “Queen Vashti has done wrong, not only against the king but also against all the nobles and the peoples of all the provinces of King Xerxes. 17 For the queen’s conduct will become known to all the women, and so they will despise their husbands and say, ‘King Xerxes commanded Queen Vashti to be brought before him, but she would not come.’ 18 This very day the Persian and Median women of the nobility who have heard about the queen’s conduct will respond to all the king’s nobles in the same way. There will be no end of disrespect and discord.

19 “Therefore, if it pleases the king, let him issue a royal decree and let it be written in the laws of Persia and Media, which cannot be repealed, that Vashti is never again to enter the presence of King Xerxes. Also let the king give her royal position to someone else who is better than she. 20 Then when the king’s edict is proclaimed throughout all his vast realm, all the women will respect their husbands, from the least to the greatest.”

21 The king and his nobles were pleased with this advice, so the king did as Memukan proposed. 22 He sent dispatches to all parts of the kingdom, to each province in its own script and to each people in their own language, proclaiming that every man should be ruler over his own household, using his native tongue.


This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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