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I Samuel 2 Part 2–When the Spiritual Leaders are the Problem

God saw it was time for change.  Eli was growing old and his sons had taken the job of monitoring sacrifices.  the opening line of scripture says it all, “Eli’s sons were scoundrels; they had no regard for the Lord.”  When God’s chosen priests had no regard for the Lord, one can only imagine the spiritual condition of the people they served.  They were to be the most holy and the most in tune with God and His plan–but, in this case, they were God’s greatest adversary.
God had a plan. Samuel was ministering before the Lord. He learned the ways of the priests and was eager to serve.  Meanwhile, His mom the barren Hannah had 5 children; 3 sons and 2 daughters.  But as Samuel grew, he did so in God’s presence and was becoming God’s man for Israel.  So, while Eli’s sons were forsaking their duties and disregarding God–God made was preparing Samuel to replace them.  While it was unfortunate for Israel that God’s priests were corrupt; it was never an issue of God being unaware. The Lord knows men’s hearts. He will correct what needs to be corrected–but rest assured, God will do it in His time and in His way.
The same holds true today.  While the world seems completely out of control and men’s lives in disarray; God is not surprised; nor is He unprepared.  God continues to execute His plan. He makes sure the word is preached throughout the world. He makes His message available in almost every form of communication.  God continues to show Himself mighty despite the world’s attempt to marginalize Him.  As God’s chosen, we must stand firm in His plan. We must battle each day to show God’s name is above all names.  We walk as if each day is our last day, and we speak His truth in love to all that will listen.  Like Samuel–we need to be God’s ministers and live in a manner worthy of His Gospel. Let’s be part of God’s plan for redemption.
God Bless You

Eli’s sons were scoundrels; they had no regard for the Lord. 13 Now it was the practice of the priests that, whenever any of the people offered a sacrifice, the priest’s servant would come with a three-pronged fork in his hand while the meat was being boiled 14 and would plunge the fork into the pan or kettle or caldron or pot. Whatever the fork brought up the priest would take for himself. This is how they treated all the Israelites who came to Shiloh.15 But even before the fat was burned, the priest’s servant would come and say to the person who was sacrificing, “Give the priest some meat to roast; he won’t accept boiled meat from you, but only raw.”

16 If the person said to him, “Let the fat be burned first, and then take whatever you want,” the servant would answer, “No, hand it over now; if you don’t, I’ll take it by force.”

17 This sin of the young men was very great in the Lord’s sight, for they[b] were treating the Lord’s offering with contempt.

18 But Samuel was ministering before the Lord—a boy wearing a linen ephod. 19 Each year his mother made him a little robe and took it to him when she went up with her husband to offer the annual sacrifice. 20 Eli would bless Elkanah and his wife, saying, “May the Lord give you children by this woman to take the place of the one she prayed for and gave to[c] the Lord.” Then they would go home. 21 And the Lord was gracious to Hannah; she gave birth to three sons and two daughters. Meanwhile, the boy Samuel grew up in the presence of the Lord.


This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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