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Numbers 7–The Dedication of the Tabernacle

Each of the tribes within the nation of Israel brought offerings to be given for the dedication of the Tabernacle–the meeting place for Israel and God.  To understand the import of both the offerings and their use–one first needs to understand the amazing thing it was for Almighty God to dwell in a tent. We all know the vastness of the universe the nearest star to us, our sun is 93,000,000 miles away. The nearest star after that, Alpha Centauri is 4.25 light years away which is roughly 26 trillion miles away. There are literally billions of stars. God created and spread them all.

That same God that spread stars trillions of miles apart all over the universe, was willing to dwell in a tent with the people He loved.  That is what made the dedication of the Tabernacle so important. Each gift was a sign of gratefulness, and, each offering a recognition of God’s love and commitment to Israel. These same folks  were, only a short time before, wondering if God truly existed; and now, to see Him everyday as a pillar of smoke or fire–truly amazing. 

The dedication of His Tabernacle was as much an offering of submission to God’s authority, as it was a gift of thankfulness.  These people had done all that God said to do in preparation, and now, as they were ready to get going; it was time to say thanks, and line up to do the mission.  The Levitical tribe processed and used everything they were presented to further their efforts to honor God. And at this point, things could not be brighter.

We need to take as serious our thankfulness and submission to God.  He dwells within us. He walks beside us. He hears our prayers and wants to have a personal relationship with us. Like the Israelites, we see God’s hand in our lives daily. We see the God that created the universe intercede on our behalf in a variety of ways.  So, like the tribes, we need to come forward with our gifts daily.  a heart of gratefulness, an attitude of selflessness and a spirit of submission are truly treasures for God.  Let’s live a life that is worthy of the calling and dedicate all we have and all that we are to the completion of that mission.

God Bless You

When Moses finished setting up the tabernacle, he anointed and consecrated it and all its furnishings. He also anointed and consecrated the altar and all its utensils. Then the leaders of Israel, the heads of families who were the tribal leaders in charge of those who were counted, made offerings. They brought as their gifts before the Lord six covered carts and twelve oxen—an ox from each leader and a cart from every two. These they presented before the tabernacle.

The Lord said to Moses, “Accept these from them, that they may be used in the work at the tent of meeting. Give them to the Levites as each man’s work requires.”

So Moses took the carts and oxen and gave them to the Levites. He gave two carts and four oxen to the Gershonites, as their work required, and he gave four carts and eight oxen to the Merarites, as their work required. They were all under the direction of Ithamar son of Aaron, the priest. But Moses did not give any to the Kohathites, because they were to carry on their shoulders the holy things, for which they were responsible.

10 When the altar was anointed, the leaders brought their offerings for its dedication and presented them before the altar. 11 For the Lord had said to Moses, “Each day one leader is to bring his offering for the dedication of the altar.”


This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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