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Numbers 4 Part 2–Here’s to the Gershonites

Some Jobs do not seem nearly as sexy as others. The Kohathites were charged with the care and protection of all God’s tabernacle treasures.  The Gershonites, conversely, were charged with caring for the tent. It was not nearly as noble sounding, but just as critical to the mission of God.  Without the Tabernacle tent, the treasures would be left out in the desert. The priests would have no place to worship and God would have no designated place to meet the people.

The Gershonites had a very important role.  Their care and protection of the Tabernacle itself would literally keep the people for the next 40+ years.  God is like that. He charges many with duties that do not seem substantial, but are in fact critical to God’s plan.

In our lives, we often forget that many that serve in ministry, do so as volunteers. They pray, do childcare, bring meals, care for the grounds; usually with little or no recognition. Still, each one serves with a heart to please God and simply do the mission he has given them.  It may not be the center stage ministry–but often it is the ministry that allows the center stage to happen.  So here is a shout out for the Gershonites, the keepers of the tent.  Without them, then and now, ministry simply would not happen!

God Bless You

 The Lord said to Moses, 22 “Take a census also of the Gershonites by their families and clans. 23 Count all the men from thirty to fifty years of age who come to serve in the work at the tent of meeting.

24 “This is the service of the Gershonite clans in their carrying and their other work: 25 They are to carry the curtains of the tabernacle, that is, the tent of meeting, its covering and its outer covering of durable leather, the curtains for the entrance to the tent of meeting, 26 the curtains of the courtyard surrounding the tabernacle and altar, the curtain for the entrance to the courtyard, the ropes and all the equipment used in the service of the tent. The Gershonites are to do all that needs to be done with these things. 27 All their service, whether carrying or doing other work, is to be done under the direction of Aaron and his sons. You shall assign to them as their responsibility all they are to carry. 28 This is the service of the Gershonite clans at the tent of meeting. Their duties are to be under the direction of Ithamar son of Aaron, the priest.


This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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