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Matthew 13 Part 2–Weeds and Seeds

Why does there always seem to be those irritating and irreverent folks in and among the good ones?  Simply put, the enemy placed them there. Our enemy cannot allow the Church to grow in peace. His goal is to disrupt, and otherwise render useless, the body God has built.  But according to Jesus, one need only wait until harvest–to see that God will winnow out the weeds from the seeds.  We need not be judge, We need not be the defender of the faith!  Instead, we need simply to be planters, gardners and seed spreaders. God will separate at harvest, the wheat from the chaff; and destroy the chaff.

In addition, we need not judge the effect of the messages that God’s people share in faith.  Though they may seem small and insignificant–like a mustard seed, their effects, like the plant may be foundational, and life changing for many.  Bill Hybils started a little church in a western Chicago theater; that did not take attendance, nor did it require offerings, yet, years later, it has became an international movement that has, literally changed church as we traditionally knew it. Once again God’s work, not ours is what makes the seed a tree, and the message a movement. 

Equally important, is the reality that it does not take much dissention, to destroy the entire body–like the most trivial amount of yeast levens an entire loaf of bread. What we say and do, and how we say and do it; can have an amazing impact, or a devastating effect–our job is to simply trust God, and allow Him to lead!  These pictures (parables) that Jesus drew–remind us that God set out to show Himself and His way to all of us–no matter the time, or the culture.  If we could simply trust Him, He will lead, guide and direct us to make an impact; that, like a mustard seed, will sprout into a life changing experience.

God Bless You

 Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. 25 But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. 26 When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared.

27 “The owner’s servants came to him and said, ‘Sir, didn’t you sow good seed in your field? Where then did the weeds come from?’

28 “‘An enemy did this,’ he replied.

“The servants asked him, ‘Do you want us to go and pull them up?’

29 “‘No,’ he answered, ‘because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.’”

The Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast

31 He told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. 32 Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.”

33 He told them still another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is likeyeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds[b] of flouruntil it worked all through the dough.”

34 Jesus spoke all these things to the crowd in parables; he did not say anything to them without using a parable. 35 So was fulfilled what was spoken through the prophet:

“I will open my mouth in parables,
    I will utter things hidden since the creation of the world.”[c]


This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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