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Matthew 12 Part 2–God’s Chosen Servant

The religious leaders were literally losing all decorum and sense–Jesus was winning on all fronts. He was changing hearts, healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out demons.  It was a time of blessing like none other. Still, the religious leaders were plotting Jesus assignation–Hey rules and law guys–What about “Thou shall not Kill”? 

Constantly acusing, trying to trick and literally calling him Devil Spawn! These guys were completely unhinged. All this, while Jesus was fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy.  It was expected, but still very sad. Jesus came to be their savior as well; and while they were plotting Jesus’ death, He was fulfilling the steps that could give them life.

In our world, the irony continues–the world remains adament that God should be removed from all things public. The last light that remains is the loving, selflessness of God’s people in missions, in communities and in ministries around the globe.  Other faiths focus on the eradicaton of those that do not conform, our faith continues to welcome all who would be saved. It is the people of faith, and the prayers of the faithful, that have kept us a nation.  

Still, we are the ones that are called hate mongers, narrow minded, crazy and criminal–sound familiar! He told us in Chapter 6–Blessed are you when men shall revile you, and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you–falsley, for my sake. We are actually being treated like “God’s Chosen Servant”–kind of an Honor, when you think about it!

God Bless You

14 But the Pharisees went out and plotted how they might kill Jesus.

God’s Chosen Servant

15 Aware of this, Jesus withdrew from that place. A large crowd followed him, and he healed all who were ill. 16 He warned them not to tell others about him. 17 This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah:

18 “Here is my servant whom I have chosen,
    the one I love, in whom I delight;
I will put my Spirit on him,
    and he will proclaim justice to the nations.
19 He will not quarrel or cry out;
    no one will hear his voice in the streets.
20 A bruised reed he will not break,
    and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out,
till he has brought justice through to victory.
21     In his name the nations will put their hope.”[b]

Jesus and Beelzebul

22 Then they brought him a demon-possessed man who was blind and mute, and Jesus healed him, so that he could both talk and see. 23 All the people were astonished and said, “Could this be the Son of David?”

24 But when the Pharisees heard this, they said, “It is only by Beelzebul,the prince of demons, that this fellow drives out demons.”

25 Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. 26 If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand? 27 And if I drive out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your people drive them out? So then, they will be your judges. 28 But if it is by the Spirit of God that I drive out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.


This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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