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Miracle From a Mess–Genesis 38

God took a small detour in his story of Joseph.  While small in time, it is one of the biggest stories in the Bible–Judah and Tamar.  Tamar was Judah’s daughter-in-law.  Her husband, a very evil man, was put to death by God. Judah refused to allow his third son to be her husband for fear he would also die.  So,Tamar tricked her father-in-law into sleeping with her; and she became pregnant.
Judah was furious and was going to publically burn her alive; until, of course, he found out it was his child–and a creative but proper way of fulfilling the family obligation for continuing the lineage! He then protected her and she had twin sons.  This is a kind of an odd Bible story–until you realize the child Perez just happens to be in the lineage that ultimately led to the birth of Jesus.
Life throws curve balls! Some seem insignificant, outrageous and even plan ending.  But, at days end, our God is greater than ANY curve life can throw.  Romans 8:28 says, “All things work together for the God for those who love God and are called according to his purpose.”
We see in this side story–God used a series of events that would clearly not make a church highlight film–to further his plan to save us and restore us.  It was a miracle made from a mess–sounds like our lives!
God Bless You
about three months later Judah was told, “Your daughter-in-law Tamar is guilty of prostitution, and as a result she is now pregnant.”Judah said, “Bring her out and have her burned to death!”

25 As she was being brought out, she sent a message to her father-in-law. “I am pregnant by the man who owns these,” she said. And she added, “See if you recognize whose seal and cord and staff these are.”

26 Judah recognized them and said, “She is more righteous than I, since I wouldn’t give her to my son Shelah.” And he did not sleep with her again.

27 When the time came for her to give birth, there were twin boys in her womb. 28 As she was giving birth, one of them put out his hand; so the midwife took a scarlet thread and tied it on his wrist and said, “This one came out first.” 29 But when he drew back his hand, his brother came out, and she said, “So this is how you have broken out!” And he was named Perez.[a] 30 Then his brother, who had the scarlet thread on his wrist, came out. And he was named Zerah.


This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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