World’s Plan be Darned, God’s Plan Always Wins–Genesis 30 Part 2

So, after Rachel finally gave Jacob a son, Jacob knew it was time to be his own people and return home.  Still, even after 15 years of service to his uncle–he really had nothing to show for his labor.  So, he struck a deal with his uncle, to help him build his own fortune. Laban told Jacob he could have the sheep and goats that were not normal.  the dark, the spotted and the striped.  But, as God was doing this for Jacob, no matter the conditions, the strong sheep and goats were the ones that were not “perfect”. 
Laban was both amazed and furious–he was the master of negotiation–he always won.  Yet, with his silly nephew, each of his negotiations only improved Jacob’s lot in life.  The part that Laban forgot was that his Nephew–the father of his grandchildren, had been sent to him by God and was God’s chosen–the ones that God himself prepares, provides for and protects.
We are also God’s chosen–we are the ones that God prepares, provides for and protects.  The world takes its shots at us and tries over and over to get the better of us.  If we fail to listen and follow God’s plan, we find it could happen.  Yet, if we continue to trust God, follow Him closely–then we see that no matter what the world throws at us, God will continue to bless us and make our path straight.  Certainly, it is confusing and maddening to those following the world’s system, But, to heck with them, our God loves us and will forever seek to bless us despite the world’s attempts to cheat.  Never lose heart, never give up–for our God is an awesome God!
God Bess You
After Rachel gave birth to Joseph, Jacob said to Laban, “Send me on my way so I can go back to my own homeland. 26 Give me my wives and children, for whom I have served you, and I will be on my way. You know how much work I’ve done for you.”…

“Don’t give me anything,” Jacob replied. “But if you will do this one thing for me, I will go on tending your flocks and watching over them: 32 Let me go through all your flocks today and remove from them every speckled or spotted sheep, every dark-colored lamb and every spotted or speckled goat. They will be my wages. 33 And my honesty will testify for me in the future, whenever you check on the wages you have paid me. Any goat in my possession that is not speckled or spotted, or any lamb that is not dark-colored, will be considered stolen.”

34 “Agreed,” said Laban. “Let it be as you have said.” 35 That same day he removed all the male goats that were streaked or spotted, and all the speckled or spotted female goats (all that had white on them) and all the dark-colored lambs, and he placed them in the care of his sons. 36 Then he put a three-day journey between himself and Jacob, while Jacob continued to tend the rest of Laban’s flocks…So the weak animals went to Laban and the strong ones to Jacob. 43 In this way the man grew exceedingly prosperous and came to own large flocks, and female and male servants, and camels and donkeys.

Author: Michael Smith

This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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