Sister My Sister–Genesis 12 Final

No one is perfect. Abram was doing great.  God had called him to lead his nation.  Abram had willingly and faithfully followed God’s call and brought his wife and nephew to a new land–no friends, no family and no protection–EXCEPT God.  God had faithfully led the troop and all was great–until they went to Egypt.  Abram was afraid for his life–so he lied and said his wife was simply his sister…She must have been some looker–even in her 70’s. 

The Egyptian king was on it–he brought her in to marry right away.  Fortunately, God stopped the travesty and Abram was run out of the country–with a great deal of treasure.  Still, he missed an opportunity to change lives because he failed to trust God in Egypt.  It seems simple–if God brought you this far, would he not protect you in Egypt as well?

I have to ask myself that question each day.  I have followed Christ for 48 years. Still, on any given day–I am subject to taking control and making a royal mess out of my life and the life of those I love.  God calls us to trust him and allow him to train and discipline us–so, that in any and all circumstance we look to him for preparation, protection and provision.  When we finally come to that place in our lives, the eternal things become those that are critical. As I have quoted many times–“Trust and Obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus–BUT to trust and obey!”

God Bless You

As he was about to enter Egypt, he said to his wife Sarai, “I know what a beautiful woman you are.12 When the Egyptians see you, they will say, ‘This is his wife.’ Then they will kill me but will let you live.13 Say you are my sister, so that I will be treated well for your sake and my life will be spared because of you.”

14 When Abram came to Egypt, the Egyptians saw that Sarai was a very beautiful woman. 15 And when Pharaoh’s officials saw her, they praised her to Pharaoh, and she was taken into his palace. 16 He treated Abram well for her sake, and Abram acquired sheep and cattle, male and female donkeys, male and female servants, and camels.

17 But the Lord inflicted serious diseases on Pharaoh and his household because of Abram’s wife Sarai. 18 So Pharaoh summoned Abram. “What have you done to me?” he said. “Why didn’t you tell me she was your wife? 19 Why did you say, ‘She is my sister,’ so that I took her to be my wife? Now then, here is your wife. Take her and go!” 20 Then Pharaoh gave orders about Abram to his men, and they sent him on his way, with his wife and everything he had.

Author: Michael Smith

This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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