Wisdom Comes Easily, If Sought When Young–Ecclesiastes 12 Part 1

When you are young, life has not jaded you to the point where that which is obvious becomes obscure.  sunshine brings warmth, not painful glare. Speed causes exhilaration not panic.  The world is full of wonder, unanswered questions and boundless hope. As we age hope is replaced with dread.  Birthdays represent growing old and not growing up.  In one’s youth, God can still impact and affect the direction and plan for life.
Solomon reminds us to seek God in our youth.  It is critical to seek him when you are still open to be affected by what you find.  In the later days, life and time takes away the ability to be impacted by anything. We look at everything–with tired skeptical eyes.  If, by some miracle, one is able to set aside the barriers; then God is always willing to meet us where we are–take us how we are and finally, transform us to be what he wants to be. 
We should never stop seeking God–young or old.  His leadership, his majesty his passion for us is unmatched.  Do not allow the dread and pain of life to mask the wonder of God!
God Bless You
Remember your Creator
    in the days of your youth,
before the days of trouble come
    and the years approach when you will say,
    “I find no pleasure in them”—
before the sun and the light
    and the moon and the stars grow dark,
    and the clouds return after the rain;
when the keepers of the house tremble,
    and the strong men stoop,
when the grinders cease because they are few,
    and those looking through the windows grow dim;
when the doors to the street are closed
    and the sound of grinding fades;
when people rise up at the sound of birds,
    but all their songs grow faint;
when people are afraid of heights
    and of dangers in the streets;
when the almond tree blossoms
    and the grasshopper drags itself along
    and desire no longer is stirred.
Then people go to their eternal home
    and mourners go about the streets.

Remember him—before the silver cord is severed,
    and the golden bowl is broken;
before the pitcher is shattered at the spring,
    and the wheel broken at the well,
and the dust returns to the ground it came from,
    and the spirit returns to God who gave it.

“Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher.[a]
    “Everything is meaningless!”

Author: Michael Smith

This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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