Do Not Be Anxious–Acts 18 Part 2

Things were becoming more and more complex for Paul.  He and his group were making headway in Corinth–The Jews dragged him off and accused him in front of the Governor from Rome.  His accusers were very proud of themselves and made the case for Paul’s demise. What Paul’s accusers intended to harm him, was the beginning of their own end.  The Governor paid them no attention and basically threw them out.  Paul was freed and his accusers were beaten by the crowd–God carried out his promise and protected Paul.
Paul was then able to carry on with his ministry. He went to Ephesus, Jerusalem and Antioch–He continued to share the Gospel with the Jews and Gentiles.  His one goal was to Bring Christ to any and everyone that would listen. He also sent out his second team, Aquila and Pricilla, and left them in Ephesus to build there. As the group continued to grow, God blessed all that was happening.
If we remain faithful, God will also use us to execute his plan.  Those that oppose us will be thwarted, and those that need Christ will hear the message.  We simply have to take God at his word and fight our fear and doubt.  We press on forward and speak the truth in love.  As Paul told the Philippians, “Do not worry about anything–but, in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, bring your requests before God.  And the peace of God, that passes all understanding, will guard your heart and mind–in Christ Jesus” Phil 4:6
Go Bless You
While Gallio was proconsul of Achaia, the Jews of Corinth made a united attack on Paul and brought him to the place of judgment. 13 “This man,” they charged, “is persuading the people to worship God in ways contrary to the law.”

14 Just as Paul was about to speak, Gallio said to them, “If you Jews were making a complaint about some misdemeanor or serious crime, it would be reasonable for me to listen to you. 15 But since it involves questions about words and names and your own law—settle the matter yourselves. I will not be a judge of such things.” 16 So he drove them off. 17 Then the crowd there turned on Sosthenes the synagogue leader and beat him in front of the proconsul; and Gallio showed no concern whatever.

18 Paul stayed on in Corinth for some time. Then he left the brothers and sisters and sailed for Syria, accompanied by Priscilla and Aquila. Before he sailed, he had his hair cut off at Cenchreae because of a vow he had taken. 19 They arrived at Ephesus, where Paul left Priscilla and Aquila. He himself went into the synagogue and reasoned with the Jews. 20 When they asked him to spend more time with them, he declined. 21 But as he left, he promised, “I will come back if it is God’s will.” Then he set sail from Ephesus. 22 When he landed at Caesarea, he went up to Jerusalem and greeted the church and then went down to Antioch.

Author: Michael Smith

This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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