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There is a sharp distinction between people who respect God and others and those who do not. Reverent people are blessed and bless those with whom they come into contact. The irreverent will not end blessed-  and rather than bless others—they send people scampering in all directions. 

The irreverent abuse all their relationships.  They misuse their jobs, their business, the courts, and even the church itself. People dread their contacts and no one truly calls them friends.

Conversely, the reverent are people who walk humbly with the Lord.  It pushes them to be kind, and respectful to others.  They work as if for God and not men.  They build legacies with their families and their churches.  They become iconic in their communities and draw folks together. The reverent avoid fanfare and simply push forward to become all God would allow them to be.

So where are we?  If your language, attitude and behavior seem to push everyone away…take a look at who you choose to make the star of your movie—if it is always you and never God or others—not very referent. If God stars in your show and you play a supporting role, odds are you respect God and others. 

The Great news is one can humble themselves before God at any time—If it is an issue, start now. Simple ask God to take control and step away from the throne!

God Bless You