More Sayings- A Cultural History-Proverbs 23 Part 1

Traditions and History are two critical pieces of our countries ability to survive.  As a 50+ guy, I have learned through the years that each generation has a need to put their thumb print on History.  It manifests itself through cycles of behavior and the rewrite of the story of the past—to conform to the generations relative view of right and wrong, good and evil and the basic tenant of family, commitment and marriage.

Our culture has all but erased the foundational truths of liberty.  We have not only moved the boundary stones, we have obliterated them. Our nation has abandoned crime for “Poor choices”.  It has abandoned roles for “How one identifies” on an given day.  We run from God and chase riches.  We seek to control life and are ultimately controlled by its many comforts.

Our kids would rather live in the virtual outdoors—than play outdoors.  We have become mindless, gluttons—who are content to be controlled as long as we can have our creature comforts.

We are better than that! As the king so eloquently wrote—don’t move the boundary, don’t dishonor the King. Don’t seek lies, comforts or chase their riches-CHASE God—he will provide all that one needs. My parents lived that, I know it–but struggle to do it.  The next generation—barely knows the concept—their history is vastly different.  We must reintroduce them to the foundational principles of a healthy culture so that the cycle can once again rebuild our one nation, under God. 

God Bless You

Saying 5

Do not move an ancient boundary stone     set up by your ancestors.

Saying 6

29 Do you see someone skilled in their work?     They will serve before kings;     they will not serve before officials of low rank

Saying 7

23 When you sit to dine with a ruler,     note well what is before you, and put a knife to your throat     if you are given to gluttony. Do not crave his delicacies,     for that food is deceptive.

Saying 8

Do not wear yourself out to get rich;     do not trust your own cleverness. Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone,     for they will surely sprout wings

Author: Michael Smith

This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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