Judah’s Inheritance–Joshua 15

The next several chapters of Joshua relates to the inheritance of each of the families and each of the tribes of Israel.  Remember, this was well before Map Quest.  As the division of the land unfolded, the precision that God used was amazing for their time and for ours.  It is critical to note that the first allotment went to Judah.  By custom and by law, the 1st and double portion was the birthright.  It passed to the eldest male child.  In this case it would have been Rueben, but he lost his birthright because he slept with one of his dad’s women—Billah.  So his Birthright was given to Joseph’s Sons—Ephraim and Manasseh.  Interestingly, the duties as spiritual leader of the house passed to Judah—Jesus’ tribe.  That is why Judah’s allotment is mentioned first.

God’s plan is always precise.  There is no doubt that God knew how to divide Israel among his chosen.  He was not only fair but he was prophetic.  He knew what was coming and set up the land accordingly.  In our lives, the same occurs.  We have no idea how the journey will unfold.  But, after 4000 years of watching God execute his plan, we can be confident his plan for us will be precise and will be what we need to be prepared for an eternity with him. We can never lose hope.  We can never walk away—otherwise, we will miss out on the inheritance he has planned for us.  Trust him to be precise and to be more than fair as he protects, prepares and provides for your daily life. 

God Bless You

The allotment for the tribe of Judah, according to its clans, extended down to the territory of Edom, to the Desert of Zin in the extreme south.

Their southern boundary started from the bay at the southern end of the Dead Sea, crossed south of Scorpion Pass, continued on to Zin and went over to the south of Kadesh Barnea. Then it ran past Hezron up to Addar and curved around to Karka. It then passed along to Azmon and joined the Wadi of Egypt, ending at the Mediterranean Sea. This is their[a] southern boundary.

The eastern boundary is the Dead Sea as far as the mouth of the Jordan.

The northern boundary started from the bay of the sea at the mouth of the Jordan, went up to Beth Hoglah and continued north of Beth Arabah to the Stone of Bohan son of Reuben12 The western boundary is the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.

These are the boundaries around the people of Judah by their clans

Author: Michael Smith

This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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