First Impressions–Exodus 2 Part 2

It seems to have been a shock for Moses to see how his people were treated. As a young man, Moses was raised in the House of Pharaoh, given the finest education and training. He matured, living in a royal home with plenty to eat and any and everything his heart desired. Then to see how his people were living—poor, exploited and beaten–often to death, with little regard for the loss of life. Moses was going to strike a blow for his countrymen…it did not seem to have the effect he had hoped.

Within the day, Moses became a joke among the Israelites and a threat to the Pharaoh. He transformed from prince to fugitive. Moses quickly escaped and hid among the shepherds in the desert of Midian. Ironically, Moses went to Midian—the home of the very traders that sold his forefather Joseph into slavery in Egypt. Little did Moses know, he would learn more about leading a nation as a shepherd, than he did as a prince.

Often, we start out thinking we will make an impact, only to really muddle up the plan. But, God in his wisdom, is not a God of 1st impressions. He is a God of second chance, He restores that which has been destroyed by the world and the enemy. He takes us as broken and makes us into valuable treasure in the kingdom. That’s why we can never give up, lose hope or walk away. We must simply seek him, trust him and follow him along the journey he has set before us.

Get ready though, the trip will be filled with irony and speed bumps. You will be driven to the edge more times than you can count. Remember—“He who has begun a work in you will carry it to completion until they day of Christ Jesus!” (Phil 1:6)

God Bless You

Many years later, when Moses had grown up, he went out to visit his own people, the Hebrews, and he saw how hard they were forced to work. During his visit, he saw an Egyptian beating one of his fellow Hebrews. 12 After looking in all directions to make sure no one was watching, Moses killed the Egyptian and hid the body in the sand.

13 The next day, when Moses went out to visit his people again, he saw two Hebrew men fighting. “Why are you beating up your friend?” Moses said to the one who had started the fight.

14 The man replied, “Who appointed you to be our prince and judge? Are you going to kill me as you killed that Egyptian yesterday?”

Then Moses was afraid, thinking, “Everyone knows what I did.” 15 And sure enough, Pharaoh heard what had happened, and he tried to kill Moses. But Moses fled from Pharaoh and went to live in the land of Midian.

Author: Michael Smith

This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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