Do not Kill the Messenger–John 7 cont’d

Don’t kill the messenger! It is often the case, when we receive unwanted news, that we want to vent our emotion on the one bringing the message, rather than dealing with the message itself. Such was the case with the Jewish religious leadership.  The message from God was clear—I love you.  I want to have a relationship with you.  I do not show favoritism, I do not reward fully completed check off boxes…I simply, like any father, want to spend eternity with you and bless you along the way!

 That message invalidated both the leaders belief system and their hard work of filling in the boxes.  This idea that God was not only reachable, but personal—made their standing  the same as everyone else.  So, as good religious guys, they were looking to KILL the messenger?!!? That message simply would not do! What the men forgot was that the message was from the GOD they were serving.  Jesus was speaking the truth—in love!  He wanted to reach them(Nicodemus) as much as anyone else! 

Nothing has changed! Our world is equally driven to kill the messenger.  Religious persecution in the middle east, Africa and China.  Laws on the books to remove God and evangelism from the public are appearing across Europe.  Our Country has tried for nearly 65 years to remove God from government and schools.  It is truly ludicrous—The same God that only wants to love and be in relationship with us—still uses the least likely messengers to make sure we know he truly wants our eternal best.  Let’s be the messengers—It may be dangerous, but, It is not for our glory; it is for His!


God Bless You

Not until halfway through the festival did Jesus go up to the temple courts and begin to teach.

The Jews there were amazed and asked, “How did this man get such learning without having been taught?”

Jesus answered, “My teaching is not my own. It comes from the one who sent me.

Anyone who chooses to do the will of God will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own.

Whoever speaks on their own does so to gain personal glory, but he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him

Author: Michael Smith

This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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