Told Ya So!! Genesis 42 Part 2

It is such a temptation–We feel compelled to point the finger and prove we are right.  There is little doubt that as Joseph–prince of Egypt, sat and listened to his brothers; he wanted to say–look you idiots, here you are bowing down to me–told ya so! But, all that had happened simply prepared Joseph to save the world and save his family.  Still, before he could be at peace, he had to know if his dad and only full blood brother were still alive.  So rather than point and gloat, Joseph sat, listened and truly tried to understand the hearts of these men that wanted to ruin his life.

Forgiving and understanding the frailty of others, is one of the great gifts our walk with God provides.  When we look inwardly at all the sin within our lives, it gives us the grateful heart of knowing we are forgiven.  What’s more, it quiets the “told ya so” speech we are always ready to give others.  When we look at the lives of others, it is not difficult to pick out frailties, but, it is difficult to truly meet them where they are and welcome them into your journey without condition and without judgment.  When we do, however,  we start to resemble the Savior that first loved us and gave Himself for us!

God Bless You


Joseph said to them, “It is just as I told you: You are spies! 15 And this is how you will be tested: As surely as Pharaoh lives, you will not leave this place unless your youngest brother comes here. 16 Send one of your number to get your brother; the rest of you will be kept in prison, so that your words may be tested to see if you are telling the truth. If you are not, then as surely as Pharaoh lives, you are spies!” 17 And he put them all in custody for three days.

18 On the third day, Joseph said to them, “Do this and you will live, for I fear God: 19 If you are honest men, let one of your brothers stay here in prison, while the rest of you go and take grain back for your starving households. 20 But you must bring your youngest brother to me, so that your words may be verified and that you may not die.” This they proceeded to do.

Author: Michael Smith

This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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