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2 Lives–2 Samuel 23 part 1

There is something profound about last words.  When spoken, they are to be taken seriously.  No fluff, no lies, the last words of a king are the inmost concern of his heart.  In David’s mind, the last thoughts and words were about the difference of ruling in righteousness and ruling in selfishness.  His predecessor committed suicide in battle, alone and without the spirit of God. David on the other hand died as a beloved king.  He ruled a united Kingdom at peace with all the nations around him.  God blessed him and restored him even after his sin. He made his kingdom a lasting kingdom through the end of time. God does not only bless perfection, he blesses a contrite and humble heart.

David was a picture for us.  We all have sinned.  Some grievous and seemingly unforgivable.  But, If our heart is contrite and our submission is honest and humble then God will bless us, give us peace and direct our ways.  In looking at the two reigns, Saul’s and David’s, it is a great picture of the two lives.  With God, we experience peace we see lasting life.  He leads us to the day when we can join him for eternity. We live a life that is a legacy to his grace and the wisdom of his plan.  Help me, Lord to walk like David and not like Saul.

God Bless You

These are the last words of David:

“The inspired utterance of David son of Jesse,
the utterance of the man exalted by the Most High,
the man anointed by the God of Jacob,
the hero of Israel’s songs:

“The Spirit of the Lord spoke through me;
his word was on my tongue.
The God of Israel spoke,
the Rock of Israel said to me:
‘When one rules over people in righteousness,
when he rules in the fear of God,
he is like the light of morning at sunrise
on a cloudless morning,
like the brightness after rain
that brings grass from the earth.’

“If my house were not right with God,
surely he would not have made with me an everlasting covenant,
arranged and secured in every part;
surely he would not bring to fruition my salvation
and grant me my every desire.
But evil men are all to be cast aside like thorns,
which are not gathered with the hand.
Whoever touches thorns
uses a tool of iron or the shaft of a spear;
they are burned up where they lie.”


This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33

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